FUE Hair Transplant Cost

FUE Hair Transplant Cost


Hair transplantation is one of the most popular anesthetic procedures that has been stepped in when researchers discovered the amazing fact that transplanted hair can survive and grow on the bald site same as the donor site. With the passage of time, This procedure has been refined with the new methods and techniques as in earlier days only strip removal method was there also known as FUT method but now FUE has also been introduced which is considered more result oriented.


Follicular unit extraction method is newest method of hair respiration in which unlike the old FUT method no strip or belt of hair follicles is removed. It gives the natural and dense hair with lifelong survival of transplanted grafts.


This surgical procedure involves the extraction of hair follicles from the fertile part of scalp called donor area. Primarily for this treatment scalp diagnosis has been done by the surgeons to select the donor site and even medical history and analysis of each hair issue has been done so that one can get the best treatment. Generally hair follicles for donation are selected from the back head and the sides of head near the neck where the loss resistant and healthy hair follicles are present with sufficient density. With the use of small punches these follicles are removed from the shaved head one by one then these hair units are harvested into the infertile area of scalp known as recipient or bald area. Entire process of FUE Hair transplant has been done under the local anesthesia so that patient can get escape from the pain and discomfort during the surgery.


This surgical procedure is preferred more as compared to the old FUT method because of few reasons like:-

Scar Free Procedure

Due to removal of individual hair follicles from the donor site with small incisions it cause no scars in the donor site whereas in strip method patient can get linear scar from where the belt of follicles has been removed. This procedure is performed with the small punches so cause only small incisions that look like dots and not visible much and even fade away after few days.

More Result Oriented

As this procedure cause only pit scars so patient get healed in lesser time as compared to old method. Unlike the strip method there are no stitches and cut is there so patient get recover in 2-3 days and can get back to his work without complication and difficulty.

Quick Recovery

Due to use of magnificent tools and even micro processing this method can give more feasible results to the patients. In the method singular hair follicles are extracted and transplanted by taking care for the direction and angle of hair so it give more natural results to the patients.

Facial Hair Restoration

Even facial hair can be transplanted wit this method and even in case of insufficient hair on scalp for donation body hair transplantation is also possible with FUE. for the delicate areas like beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes this procedure is the only and best option to give natural look to patient and even strip method cannot be used for extracting hair from body parts like arms beard, pubis and even chest.

Preventions During Preventions During This Procedure

There is great need of experienced and specialized surgeon for performing this surgery as it must be done with care and preventions as follow

Hygienic Risks

This procedure must be done under sterile environment otherwise it can lead to infections and complications. surgeon must use only the sterilized tools so that the hygienic treatment can be given to prevent the future complications that may occur due to infection.

Over Grafting

Surgeon must be aware about the required number of grafts for covering bald portion as otherwise it can lead to over grafting means there can be more extraction of grafts than the required count which can lead to bald patches in donor area. Even if more number of hair will be translated than the required then it can make difference to the density of existing and transplanted hair.

Minimum Time For Graft Outside The Body

There must be minimum time gap between extracting and transplanting grafts otherwise grafts can be damaged due to lack of moisture and no blood supply outside the body that can reduce the survival rate of transplanted grafts after surgery. For the time when grafts are outside the body to lock their moisture these must be kept in concentrated solution so that proper oxygen, moisture and nutrition they can get and easily get settled in the transplantation site.