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FUE Hair Transplant Toronto

FUE Hair Transplant Toronto. Growing up is not only in age, to most of us it also implies physical changes but what happens when we still look like boys? Men and women are now going into facial hair transplant surgeries. This is for beards, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. Beards look good on men and a study points it out clearly that majority of the women will fall for men with mustache and beards than those without them. In facial hair transplant, hair from the sides or back side of the head is used in this procedure. FUE is the commonest procedure used to get a mustache or a beard since it does not lead to the removal of a strip and no scarring is involved. Hair from the sides of the head is planted in the patchy areas and in the angle of the existing beards. This helps to bring out the perfect mustache or beard looking exactly the same. The procedure is performed by the most experienced surgeons and with better equipments. A facial hair transplant is more challenging than the scalp hair transplant since there are more sensory organs in the face. The surgeon has to have more knowledge and skills about anatomy before taking on this procedure. It can take a full day for a surgeon to complete this procedure

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In an FUE hair transplantation, each follicular unit is individually taken directly from the scalp with no strip of tissue being removed. Hair follicles are removed in a random fashion and the result is less density in the donor area that many say is not even noticeable. This is the main difference between FUE & FUT.